• morning: no
  • afternoon: no
  • evening: no
  • night: maybe
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The Society of the Crossed Keys

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"He still loved me and he wanted me back but we broke up because he treated me like crap and now hes saying hes changed.” r.i.d

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KB: You’re seriously milking this whole “I’ve been missing for two months” thing, aren’t you?

RC: They are glad to have me back and if fussing over me makes them happy, enjoy it.

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allprocrastinationswelcome asked: guidance counsellor/class rebel AU :)

I am changing the prompt around a bit cause I’m a rebel (that is wearing a Bambi shirt and socks with a cupcake pattern idk)

So in this one they are both class rebels, have fun:


He’s sitting two chairs apart from her on one of those terribly uncomfortable plastic chairs on the first floor. There are black letters on the wooden door across from them, reading, Sarah Paulsen. Counsellor.

She can’t say it’s the first time she is waiting for that door to open so that she can go in and have a deep and meaningful conversation about why she is acting in this, oh so terrible, way. Paulsen calls her RebelBex. She hates it.

He is waiting here most of the time too. He usually gets called in before her.

“Richard Rodgers”

His reputation proceeds him. He’s the guy that somehow managed to get a cow onto the rooftop. No one knows how he actually pulled it off and he hasn’t shared his wisdom with anyone.

He’s a womanizer from all she’s heard and, looking at him, she gets why.

He looks over at her with this look of indifference and staged coolness and he already annoys her.

“Hi” he says. It’s the first time he speaks to her and she wonders why. Not that she actually cares of course.

She gives him a small nod, eyes narrowed and lips pursed.

He slides over the seats between them until he lands on the one right next to her. She raises her eyebrows at him.

“What did you do to end up here?”

She shrugs and focuses on her fingers in her lap and the chapped nail polish on her nails.

“Ahh playing hard to get, are we?” he sounds smug and oh god she wants him to shut up.

“No, I am just no interested” her voice cuts and she is pleased with herself.

“Ahh, I don’t buy it”

Oh god, why does he have to be so annoying. They were fine with ignoring each other’s presence.

“And why is that?”

“You always gave me those longing looks”

“Longing looks?” She huffs.

“Yeah, like you’d wanna undress me”

“Well, I checked you out and what I saw was not impressive enough to bother trying”

He smirks. He thinks he likes her.

She watches the way his lips curl upwards and his eyes beam a little. It’s kind of adorable.

No, it’s not.

She doesn’t like him.

“We should work together” he says suddenly.

“As in what way?”

“I don’t know, partners in crime?” he actually sounds eager and although she isn’t sure what it is that he is propositioning, it kind of sparks her interest against her will.

She looks at him in question, waiting for him to elaborate on that statement of his.

“You know with our wits combined, we could pull off things other people would only dream of”

She smiles a little and maybe he is right.

He must see it on her face and asks, “You wanna get coffee after this, so we can start with our master plan?”

She almost laughs and tells him no, curious how he’d react, but in the same moment Paulsen’s door is opened and she calls him in. And so she just gives him a small nod.

“Wait for me after counselling?”

“Always” he says playfully and winks at her.

She almost regrets her choice.


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more otp scenarios:

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  • 'you're the latest notch in my roommate's bedpost and i have a lot of leftover bacon, want some breakfast?' AU
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  • childhood sweethearts who moved away and then into the same apartment block by chance AU
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